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The Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA) provides its members with timely and insightful updates on the issues facing independent providers in the higher education sector.  A selection of key articles circulated to members can be found below.
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TEQSA has obtained a Federal Court order that requires carriage service providers to block access to an academic cheating service. More

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The reputation for excellence enjoyed by the independent higher education sector is established in the 2021 Graduate Outcomes Survey results. More

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Adrienne Nieuwenhuis has been appointed a Commissioner of the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency, the higher education regulator. More

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Scholarships are available for regional and remote students to access financial support to complete studies from a Certificate IV to a PhD. More

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Reducing redundant, duplicative and burdensome red tape faced by businesses in the tertiary education sector should be a priority for government. More


According to a new survey, independent tertiary education providers have come out strongly in favour of mandatory vaccination of their workforce. More


The New South Wales Government has announced that all staff with tertiary education providers will be included in the priority vaccination drive. More


Two new higher education appointments to the ITECA Board have been made, Prof. Alan Bowen-James and Prof. Kathryn von Treuer. More

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A review by parliament of the higher education sector’s regulator produces mixed results and highlights that there are still opportunities to improve. More

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The Australian Government is developing its new National Microcredentials Framework and ITECA members are playing a leading role. More

A key member benefit, and the reason many provider across the tertiary education sector join, is the information that’s provided by ITECA.  From changes to the regulatory environment through to the latest data on student enrolments, ITECA provides members with timely updates.

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