COVID-19: Independent Tertiary Education Sector Support

A priority for the Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA) is to support members through the challenges arising from management of the COVID19 virus outbreak.

The ITECA team is actively engaged with members and government at all levels to ensure that there is a timely flow of accurate information to members and that the shared experience of members is provided to government.

The ITECA member-only website section includes a consolidated set of resources

ITECA Member Only Website Resources —

  • Latest information from TEQSA and ASQA.
  • Latest information from state government funding bodies.
  • Information for providers supporting international students.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions from members.

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Recognising the importance of providing a safe workplace for employees across the independent tertiary education sector and maintaining the welfare of students, the following resources from each state and territory government have been prepared.

Please download the COVID-19 Response — Backing Independent Tertiary Education Providers Action Plan [PDF]:

The ITECA Covid-19 Education Response Taskforce has been formed. Comprising representatives of the higher education and the vocational training sector, plus each ITECA State/Territory branch, its purpose is to monitor developments, assess the large amounts of guidance sent to ITECA from different jurisdictions and collate it into a single ready to access resource. It reports to the ITECA Board and ITECA Chief Executive on the initiatives required to support the sector.

ITECA appreciates that these are difficult times for the independent tertiary education sector and we are committed to our task to understand the concerns of members and be a strong advocate to government to put in place the measures necessary to support the sustainability of the sector.

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ITECA members seeking further information on dealing with impacts of the COVID19 response should send an email to or telephone 1300 421 017.

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