ITECA NT — Linking RTO Performance Standards

ITECA NT — Linking RTO Performance Standards
Time & Location —
Tuesday, 13 April 2021 — 9.00AM ACST << NT Time Zone
Novotel Darwin Airport

Workshop Overview —

Developing and implementing quality controls into assessment practices provides RTOs with the confidence that student outcomes demonstrate the rigour required to meet workplace standards of performance.

Assessment practices are a focus for RTO compliance and ASQA’s move towards RTOs adopting Self-Assurance practices and this workshop will focus on both of these topics and their interrelationship.

Workshop Approach —

The workshop will comprise of a morning session with a focus on the controls required to develop and implement quality assessment practices.
The afternoon session will discuss a range of Self-Assurance practices and how they can be used generally for quality improvement across all operations of the RTO, and specifically for managing issues that arise from the outcomes of assessment validation.

..... Morning – Developing and Implementing Quality Assessment Practices

  • Developing effective assessment tools by determining what competency ‘looks like’ when being applied in the workplace
  • Assessment Evidence types: the importance they play, and how they can be assured through assessment tools that conform to the Principles of Assessment and have the capacity to meet the Rules of Evidence
  • Recording ‘pre-assessment validation’ evidence to satisfy auditing requirements
  • Determining when ‘enough is enough’ related to collecting sufficient quality evidence
  • Planning Systematic Validation of Assessment and determining sample size of students completed assessments for validation using an approved sample size calculator that reflects small populations of students 
  • Reviewing the outcomes of systematic validation and, if there are non-compliances, determining if they have impacted on past student’s performance or have an effect on current and future students
.....  Afternoon – What Self-assurance Practices are and how can they be implemented

  • Self-assurance - a quality management approach based on ‘if you can measure it you can control it’ and consequently improve ‘it’
  • Examining and confirming that making changes to become compliant is not an improvement practice
  • Self-assurance practices – options that RTOs must achieve ‘confidence’ in the way they manage and control their training and assessment and overall governance practices
  • Involvement in practical Self-assurance activities that can be used to ‘measure’ an RTOs performance 

Methodology —

The workshops will be presented using a ‘face-to-face’ mode and engage participants in a range of activities to demonstrate the practicalities of:

  • Developing assessment tools and determining the Principles of Assessment and Rules of evidence are met
  • Planning for Systematic Validation of Assessment and acting on the results of validation outcomes to determine if they have impacted past students
  • Using self-assurance tools to build confidence that quality outcomes are being met

Your Investment — 

There is a cost of $89.00 (GST Included) ITECA member employees and $119.00 for all others.   This discount is just one of the many benefits available to ITECA members so if you’re not a member join today.

Further Information —

As always, if you have any questions concerning this professional development workshop, be sure to contact the team via email at or telephone 1300 421 017.

13/04/2021 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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