About ― ITECA Executive Leadership

The executive team in the Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA) leads the organisation on a daily basis to create value for our members and by advocating for a sustainable independent tertiary education sector.

Individually and collectively the team's expertise in policy advocacy, member engagement and program delivery support independent providers in the higher education, vocational education and training sectors.

ITECA Executives —

  • Troy Williams FIML MAICD
  • Chief Executive
  • Felix Pirie
  • Director – Policy & Research
  • Michellé Mabille
  • Director – Communications
  • Irina Anufrieva CPA
  • Director – Finance & Administration

    ITECA members across Australia are supported by staff in regional offices that provide on the ground local engagement with internal and external stakeholders.

    ITECA State Management —

  • Kerry Hollis
  • State Branch Manager - Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory
  • Michael Hall

  • Les Wells
  • Executive Officer - Western Australia & Northern Territory

    State Government Policy Manager - Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory & Western Australia

    The ITECA executive leadership team has extensive experience in building relationships between members, the business community and government to support the independent tertiary education system and its ability to provide students and their employers with the outcomes they are looking for.

    There are around twenty full-time staff that work with ITECA at a national and local level. For information on joining the team, be sure to review the ITECA news section of the website for advice concerning upcoming vacancies.

    Further Information ―

    To find out more about ITECA’s executive leadership, follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/ITECAust or Facebook at www.facebook.com/ITECAust.  Alternatively, send an email to ceo@iteca.edu.au or telephone 1300 421 017.

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