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The Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA) has a track-record of providing government with data concerning the state of the independent tertiary education sector and its contribution in delivering education and skills for individuals, industry and the Australian economy.

Much of ITECA’s focus is on the structure of the independent tertiary education sector, both human and capital, and the outcomes that it provides students.  Increasingly the focus is on the role of the independent tertiary education system, and in particular the vocational education and training sector, in providing the reskilling required to support the changing nature of work.

Size of The Independent Sector ―

ITECA provides government with research on the size of the independent education and training sector.  This data analysis spans the higher education, vocational education training sectors.  Data is collected from numerous public and private organisations, then collated into a single authoritative dataset.

Students Outcomes & Performance ―

Monitoring student outcomes including completion rates, post education and training employment and overall levels of satisfaction is a key role for ITECA.  Data from numerous sources is collated and presented to government to highlight the important role the independent tertiary education sectors plays.

International Education Exports ―

ITECA works with stakeholders across the education sector to collect and publish data on the international education exports delivered by the independent sector.  This includes programs delivered to overseas students in Australia plus data associated with providers delivering outside Australia.

A landmark study that profiles the independent tertiary education sector is the ITECA State of The Sector Report.

The ITECA research team, augmented by the work of expert consultants, provides the data to government that supports an evidence-based assessment of the independent sector's role and contribution, both to human capital through the effective development of the workforce, and through its broader economic contribution as an important industry contributing to gross domestic product, innovation and employment. 

Further Information ―

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