RTO Excellence & Performance Across The Nation


When it comes to providing the nation with the skills required to support a growing economy the data is clear, it is independent Registered Training Organisation’s (RTOs) that will do the heavy lifting.

Across the nation, independent RTOs support the greatest number of students. Independent RTOs also achieve some of the highest levels of student and employer satisfaction.

To find out about the performance of independent RTOs in your state or territory, review the following data:


Australian Data ― 
Number Of Students In Study


◾ RTO Excellence & Performance – Nationally

RTO Excellence & Performance – Australian Capital Territory
◾ RTO Excellence & Performance – New South Wales
◾ RTO Excellence & Performance – Northern Territory
◾ RTO Excellence & Performance – Queensland
◾ RTO Excellence & Performance – South Australia
◾ RTO Excellence & Performance – Tasmania
RTO Excellence & Performance – Victoria
◾ RTO Excellence & Performance – Western Australia

The data reviews enrolments across Diploma courses as well as Certificate IV, Certificate III plus Certificate I and II. Also profiled are the number of apprentices and trainees supported by independent RTOs.

Of interest is the data concerning student and employer satisfaction that clearly demonstrates the reputation of independent RTO’s for excellence.

The data is used by the Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA) in its discussions with government to highlight the benefits of empowering student choice, allowing students to receive funding to study with independent RTOs.

Getting Involved ―

It's employees of members serving on the ITECA Vocational Education and Training Committee that drive ITECA's policy and research on matters associated with vocational education and training matters.

Further Information ―

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