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Admission to the ITECA College of Vocational Education and Training Professionals provides a pathway to recognise individual professionals that have a strong commitment to quality and compliance within the VET sector.  Memberships isn’t for everyone as you’ll need to be able to demonstrate clearly – and verifiably – you’ve met the eligibility criteria for membership.

Individuals who are established assessors and trainers able to demonstrate their competency and professionalism within the vocational education and training sector are eligible to apply for the CEP credential.  Managers of RTOs who have a reputation for managing affairs sustainably and in a competent manner are eligible to apply for the CEM credential.  The CEP and CEM credentials are available to individuals from both the independent tertiary education systems and the public TAFE system.

CEP – Certified Education Professional

Those admitted to College as a Certified Education Professional (CEP) will hold a credential that clearly sets them apart from others in the sector. The CEP credential will act as a validator of their expertise as a trainer and assessor in their chosen discipline.
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CEM – Certified Education Manager

The CEM credential offers a way of establishing independent VET provider’s senior leadership not only understand their regulatory compliance obligations, but also understand and share a commitment to what quality VET outcomes look like.
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Once admitted you’ll need to continue working as a trainer and assessor or manager and also meet the ongoing continuing professional development requirements associated with the qualification that you hold.

Take the next step of your career in the VET sector by applying for admission to the ITECA College of Vocational Education and Training Professionals.  It’s what sets you apart from others in the field and is a clear demonstration of your commitment to quality and compliance.

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