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The Australian Government has announced it’s $1 billion JobTrainer initiative that will provide up to 340,700 training places.

The funding is provided through a $500 million contribution by the Australian Government and a further $500 million by the state and territory governments. The financial contribution of the state and territory governments means that they will have a large say in how the JobTrainer Initiative is delivered.

The Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA) was a strong proponent for an initiative of the size and scope of the JobTrainer initiative. Since it was announced, ITECA has been working with the Australian Government plus the state and territory government on how it will be delivered. That has produced the following understanding.


JobTrainer Initiative ― 
Current Understanding Of Delivery Arrangements


Number Of Courses: There will be around 340,700 places in:  Australian Capital Territory - 5,700; New South Wales - 108,600; Northern Territory - 3,200; Queensland - 68,500; South Australia -23,500; Tasmania - 7,100; Victoria - 88,900; and Western Australia - 35,200.

Program Administration: It is expected that the JobTrainer initiative will be administered by each state / territory government.

Training Providers: The advice from the Australian Government is that its preference is for contestability, allowing independent providers to deliver JobTrainer initiatives alongside public TAFE colleges.

Training Provider Selection: In the first instance, it is expected that providers with existing state / territory government funded contracts may be able to deliver JobTrainer programs; however, ITECA is working to expand the number of providers.

Types Of Courses: The JobTrainer initiative will primarily support short courses for job seekers and school leavers get into new jobs or wishing to undertake further study.

ITECA is actively working with the Australian Government, plus the state and territory governments, on arrangements for delivery of the JobTrainer program.


JobTrainer Initiative ― 
Initial Program Overview


Video Summary – JobTrainer Initiative [YOUTUBE]

As details become available, they will be provided to each meeting of ITECA State Government Funded Provider Interest Groups, meetings convened exclusively for ITECA members. The schedule of these is as follows.


JobTrainer Initiative ― 
Briefings For Registered Training Organisations


ITECA New South Wales Funded Provider Briefings
ITECA Northern Territory Funded Provider Briefings
ITECA Queensland Funded Provider Briefings
ITECA South Australia Funded Provider Briefings
ITECA Tasmania Funded Provider Briefings
ITECA Victoria Funded Provider Briefings
ITECA Western Australia Funded Provider Briefings

If you're RTO would like to participate in these meetings and isn't currently a member, be sure to download the application form and return it today. This will also allow you to liaise with the ITECA policy advocacy team that in frequent contact with state and territory governments to finalise the details of JobTrainer delivery.

Member Engagement ―

The advice that ITECA provides the Australian Government, and each state and territory government, on this matter comes from members serving on the ITECA Vocational Education and Training References Committee.

Further Information ―

If you're an ITECA member, the policy team in Canberra would value the opportunity to discuss the JobKeeper training initiative with you, so if you have any questions send an email to [email protected] or telephone 1300 421 017.  Be sure to follow ITECA on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  

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