Membership – Business supporter

If your business supports quality independent tertiary education providers and want to raise your profile and build your business, then becoming a Business Supporter of the Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA) is the right business tool.

ITECA's members are independent higher education, vocational education, training and skills providers. To deliver the quality outcomes students are looking for, they need reliable consultants, across a range of products and services.


The Opportunity ― 
Stand Out From The Crowd


When making your pitch to potential clients, the ability to leverage your status as an ITECA Business Supporter sets you apart as it’s a great example of your commitment to the sector and its reputation for quality.


The Opportunity ― 
Unique Market Insights


Understanding changes to the independent tertiary education sector is what ITECA is known for, and as a ITECA Business Supporter you’ll get timely access to the latest market intelligence and data to make informed decisions.


The Opportunity ― 
High Value Networking events


If you’re looking to make contacts across higher education, vocational education, training and skills sectors, as an ITECA Business Supporter you’ll get plenty of opportunity including the annual ITEC21 Conference , summits and local events.

Once your application is approved, you’ll get a welcome pack that includes a certificate, an exclusive logo, your lapel pin, and an invitation to your local networking event to introduce your business to potential clients.


Downloads ― 
ITECA Business Supporter Application


ITECA Membership – Business supporter application form [PDF]

ITECA membership represents a unique opportunity to get involved and help build the profile of the sector.  Your team will value the ability to work alongside others and expand their knowledge of how quality higher education providers operate.

Further Information ―

The ITECA membership team would value the opportunity to get you involved, so if you have any questions send an email to or telephone 1300 421 017.  Be sure to follow ITECA on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  

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