FTTA's Vocational Student Award Winner

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16 December 2020

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Vocational Education & Training ◾ South Australia

Fast Track Training Australia’s commitment to excellence was recognised when Ebony Springall was named the 2020 Vocational Student of the Year in the South Australian Training Awards.

The commitment to study a Certificate III and IV in Educational Education Support with Fast Track Training Australia came about from a personal interest in the subject.

After months of assisting her son’s class with morning reading activities, Ebony Springall realised the ritual had become her favourite part of the day, and her future career path was set.

After reading with a few children who struggled with learning difficulties, Ebony wanted to do something to help. She wanted to encourage them to succeed and fill them with much needed confidence.

Encouraged by friends and family, Ebony enrolled with Fast Track Training Australia and studied a combined Certificate III and IV in Education Support. She is employed with Woodend Primary School.

After completing her course Ebony applied to schools in her area and received multiple job offers. She accepted a role as a teacher’s aide at Woodend Primary School, and within weeks was offered a full-time contract.

Ebony is proud to be the first member of her family to achieve a nationally recognised qualification. She takes every opportunity to encourage others to take their futures into their own hands, find their passion and make it happen.

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