Tec-NQ Cairns Electrical Campus Opens

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17 February 2021

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Vocational Education & Training ◾ Queensland

In a show of confidence in Tropical North Queensland’s future, Tec-NQ has opened its new specialist electrical apprentice training facility in Cairns.

The increased uptake of Tec-NQ’s nationally accredited courses has resulted in the expansion from a small classroom and workshop-based service set up in 2019, to the site previously occupied by the Cairns Language Centre.

‘’Tec-NQ’s first training centre in Townsville started operating in 2007, followed by our second facility in Mackay in 2011. Our long-term vision has always been to expand to Cairns, and we are so proud to have achieved that at a time which has naturally been challenging for many’,’ said Julie Hyde, Tec-NQ Chief Executive Officer.

The larger, fully fitted out, specialised premises are better placed to help future apprentices discover a rewarding, skilled career through personalised, nationally recognised, dedicated training.

“By opening more options to the region, we can continue to support trades into the future and keep work local’’ added Julie.

Led by trainer Geoff Swanson, a thirty-nine year old veteran of the electrical industry, who has seen approximately 85 apprentices through to completion of their capstone, the personalised, one to one training approach has a proven track record of success.

‘’Providing the best electrical apprentice training for our customers is where I get my job satisfaction from. Knowing that I have helped students of all ages and backgrounds on the path to their future careers, is extremely rewarding. Whether they set up their own business or work for a company, I know that they have the best possible education behind them,” Geoff said.

As an independent Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with a commitment to excellence, Tec-NQ is responsive to the demands of the industry and take the time to ensure that thier students are supported, every step of the way.

“Not everyone has the same approach to learning which is why at Tec-NQ, we work hard to adapt to suit each person that walks through our doors, right from day one," Geoff said.

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