40 Years For World Skills Australia

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23 June 2021

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Vocational Education & Training

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Vocational education and training leaders from around the country celebrated the fortieth anniversary of WorldSkills Australia at a function in parliament house, Canberra.  The Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA) is calling on its members to get behind the competition that showcases vocational training excellence.

Key Issues —

Worldskills Australia’s competitions operate at a regional, national and international levels, and are aligned to National Training Packages, Apprenticeships Australia and Jobs Australia schemes. The WorldSkills Australia national championship is Australia’s biggest vocational education and excellence competition.

Vocational education and training leaders from around the country celebrated the fortieth anniversary of WorldSkills Australia in parliament house in Canberra.

When independent Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) partner with WorldSkills Australia, they are fostering trade and skills development, strengthening Australian apprenticeships, and empowering students with life changing experiences and leadership skills.

They are part of a vital network of people and organisations who help to make WorldSkills Australia events run. The work of State and Territory Governments and education bodies in supporting the regional competitions create the platform for the National and International Championships.


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Worldskills Australia


RTO Student Involvement In Worldskills Australia [EXT LINK]

Getting involved in WorldSkills Australia highlights your organisation’s commitment to raising standards in work-based learning. Skill and trade competition activity can help create a real buzz in your organisation, motivating students and inspiring them to push their technical and professional skills to the limit. For further information, visit the WorldSkills Australia website via the link above.

As an RTO, through the commitment and show of support you extend to your student to compete in a WorldSkills Australia competition, you are benchmarking your students against the best in Australia. You’ll get to promote your RTO as a centre of excellence in skills training and delivery and supporting the professional development of staff.

Getting Involved —

Members in the vocational education and training sector play a lead role in setting the framework for ITECA's engagement with Worldskills Australia though their participation in ITECA State Committees.  ITECA Membership – It's a great time to get involved.

Further Information —

If you're an ITECA member and would like more information on this matter, the ITECA team would value the opportunity to talk to you.  Simply send an email to vocational.training@iteca.edu.au or telephone 1300 421 017.  Stay up to date via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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