Employers Say Independent Sector Rock

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17 February 2021

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Western Australia ◾ Vocational Education & Training

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As the National Centre for Vocational Education and Research (NCVER) sets about the task of assessing employer’s views of vocational education and training provider performance, it is opportune to review how Australia’s independent Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) have performed in the past in the eyes of employers.

Key Issues —

What’s great is that in reviewing the last report published in 2019, it is clear that there was strong levels of employer satisfaction against key metrics for all types of RTO whether they be public TAFE colleges, public universities or within the independent sector that includes private training providers and professional / industry associations.

Of considerable interest is that this NCVER report highlights that independent RTOs rank highest on all key metrics including of employer satisfaction for nationally recognised training, including:


NCVER Data ―
Nationally Recognised Training Employer Satisfaction


Relevance of skills taught
◾ Private Training provider — 89.7%
◾ Professional / industry association — 94.1%
◾ TAFE Colleges — 85.8%

Condition of equipment and facilities
◾ Private Training provider — 91.5%
◾ Professional / industry association — 91.0%
◾ TAFE Colleges — 84.4%

Cost-effectiveness of the training
◾ Private Training provider — 84.9%
◾ Professional / industry association — 86.7%
◾ TAFE Colleges — 77.8%

Flexibility of the provider in meeting needs
◾ Private Training provider — 90.0%
◾ Professional / industry association — 86.5%
◾ TAFE Colleges — 79.1%

Trainer’s knowledge and experience of industry
◾ Private Training provider — 89.6%
◾ Professional / industry association — 92.6%
◾ TAFE Colleges — 84.2%

Standard of assessment
◾ Private training provider — 89.3%
◾ Professional / industry association — 91.4%
◾ TAFE Colleges — 79.6%

The leadership of independent RTOs on these metrics is important as employers set about the task of securing the skills needed to support the economic recovery.

The level of excellence achieved by independent RTOs is also critical to guiding this year’s discussions between the Australian Government, and state / territory governments, on a new national skills funding agreement. The excellence achieved by independent RTO's highlights the importance of providing them with funding to support students alongside public TAFE colleges.

ITECA members can be proud of their track-record of achieving the great outcomes that employers are looking for.

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ITECA’s ability to play a lead role in matters associated with this issue rests on the advice and guidance of individuals serving on the  ITECA Vocational Education and Training Committee.  ITECA Membership – It's a great time to get involved.

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