Single Tertiary Education System Call

Date —

13 May 2019

Industry Sector/s —
Higher Education, Vocational Education & Training

Summary —

The Business Council of Australia launched a discussion paper which outlines a new tertiary model that would enable workers to more easily retrain and re-skill over their lives, a framework that aligns with the view of the Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA).

Key Issues —

ITECA is a strong proponent of an integrated tertiary education system that integrates the higher education, vocational education and training systems.  Significantly, this position has been backed by the Business Council of Australia (BCA) in a new paper that proposes a significant reform to the nations post-secondary education and skills system.

In its paper entitled Future Proof: Australis’s future post-secondary education and skills system the BCA has argued for an integrated system that also maintains the unique character of each sector. 

It argues for vocational education and training as an industry-led sector based around competency-based training and applied learning, and higher education in providing advanced qualifications, learning for the sake of learning, academic inquiry, and world-class research.

Recognising the changing nature of work, the BCA has set out a reform agenda to that will give the nation the most skilled, the most trained, and the most resilient workforce on earth.

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An approach set out by the BCA, and endorsed by ITECA, aims to learner in charge by giving every Australian a capped lifelong skills account that can be used to pay for courses at approved providers.

The BCA’s paper promotes a culture of lifelong learning that encourages people to use qualifications to build a strong foundation, and then dip in and out of short, accredited modules to effectively create their own ‘credentials’ that allow them to upskill and retrain throughout their lives.  This approach also reflects ITECA’s commitments in this area.

As the Australian Government considers reforms to the higher education, vocational education and training sector, ITECA’s commitment is to work with ITECA and other key stakeholders across the business community.  The task will be to create an environment in which the independent tertiary education sector can provide students and their employers with the quality outcomes they are looking for.


Member Engagement:

ITECA’s ability to play a lead role in matters associated with this issue rests on the advice and guidance of individuals serving on the ITECA Higher Education and Vocational Education Reference Committees.

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