VET Enrolments Profiled In New Report

Date —

05 Jun 2019

Industry Sector/s —
Vocational Education & Training

Summary —

This month, the 2019 ITECA State Of The Sector Report will be released. It’s pioneering research that profiles the leading role that independent providers play in the vocational education and training system and the growing importance of the independent higher education sector.

Key Issues —

The growing role of the independent tertiary education system has been profiled in a new report commissioned by the Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA). The 2019 ITECA State Of The Sector Report provides a highly detailed statistical snapshot of the independent higher education and vocational education and training sectors.

One aspect of the report that’s generating the most interest is the assessment that it’s the independent vocational education and training system that does the heavy lifting when it comes to providing the education, training and reskilling.

Provider Type — Student No. —
  • Independent VET provider
  • 2,549,380
  • TAFE Institute
  • 680,181
  • Attending more than one provider type
  • 407,500
  • Community Education Provider
  • 384,259
  • School
  • 82,550
  • Enterprise Provider
  • 75,523
  • University
  • 56,165

    When it comes to sectoral coverage, the ITECA membership includes independent VET providers, community education providers and enterprise providers. Collectively these provider types support more than three million students.

    The independent VET sector delivers the majority of higher-level qualifications of Certificate III (58 per cent); Certificate IV (66 per cent); Diploma and above (61 per cent) and half of all qualifications delivered at the Certificate I and II level (50 per cent). This dispenses with the myth that it’s public TAFE colleges that play the lead role in the delivery of higher-level VET qualifications.

    Importantly the independent sector also delivers a range of short courses, accredited skill sets and single subject training. Often referred to as micro-credentialing, this type of delivery is highly flexible and specific to the needs of individuals and can often enable the ability for just the right amount of training, at just the right time, to support individuals to increase their capability, career prospects and productivity.

    The 2019 ITECA State Of The Sector Report will be released at the quarterly series of events that also profiles the transition from the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) to ITECA. Be sure to bring your team to this event, that’s sure to inform and allow you to catch-up with colleagues across the independent tertiary education system:

    ITECA Quarterly Stakeholder Briefings —

  • Sydney, 17 June 2019
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    The 2019 ITECA State Of The Sector Report highlights the significant role the independent sector plays in delivering the majority of vocational education and training in Australia and increasingly expanding options for students in higher education, including for those students who are transitioning from Diploma to degree qualifications.

    Another area of the 2019 ITECA State Of The Sector Report, is the considerable assessment of the independent higher education system and its growing role supporting a growing number of students.

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