Understanding JobTrainer Delivery Across The Nation

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13 November 2020

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Vocational Education & Training

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The JobTrainer program is a $1 billion commitment to provide courses to around 340,000 school leavers and job seekers. The great news is independent Registered Training Organsations (RTOs) will play a significant role in the delivery of JobTrainer and members of the Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA) have the opportunity to be briefed on these arrangements.

Key Issues —

The JobTrainer program is an Australian Government initiative, delivered in partnership with each state and territory government, to support school leavers and students during the Covid-19 pandemic. It represents one of the largest-ever single investments in vocational education and training made by government.

With the states and territories contributing one-half of the funding for JobTrainer, and given their existing responsibility for funding delivery of vocational education and training at a local level, it’s a this level that decisions of JobTrainer have been made. Although the National Skills Commission (NSC) played a major role in determining which courses are funded under JobTrainer, ultimately it has been state and territory governments which have made local decisions.

ITECA has convened a number of meetings for its members on how the JobTrainer program will be delivered. These meetings cover the issues set out below:


JobTrainer ―
ITECA Funded Provider Group Meetings


◾ The areas of study will be covered by the program
◾ The qualification levels will be covered by the program
◾ Which providers can deliver JobTrainer program.

For more information on the ITECA Funded Provider Group meetings, visit the following link.


JobTrainer ―
ITECA Funded Provider Groups


◾ ITECA Capital Territory Funded Provider Group
◾ ITECA New South Wales Funded Provider Group
◾ ITECA Northern Territory Funded Provider Group
◾ ITECA Queensland Funded Provider Group
ITECA South Australia Funded Provider Group
◾ ITECA Tasmania Funded Provider Group
◾ ITECA Victoria Funded Provider Group
◾ ITECA Western Australia Funded Provider Group

ITECA’s engagement with both the Australian Government plus each state and territory government continues to play a role in ensuring that independent providers are not only able to deliver JobTrainer programs, but also able to seek guidance on specific matters of program delivery.

Getting Involved —

ITECA’s ability to play a lead role in matters associated with this issue rests on the advice and guidance of individuals serving on the ITECA Vocational Education & Training Reference Group.  ITECA Membership – It's a great time to get involved.

Further Information —

If you're an ITECA member and would like more information on this matter, the ITECA team would value the opportunity to talk to you.  Simply send an email to vocational.education@iteca.edu.au or telephone 1300 421 017.  Stay up to date via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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