NSW International Student Support

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18 May 2020

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International Education

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The New South Wales Government has announced additional crisis accommodation support of $20 million for international students in New South Wales, caught in the Covid-19 crisis.

Key Issues —

As the Covid-19 crisis continues to adversely impact the welfare of international students, the New South Wales Government has provided an additional $20 million in assistance to support international students.

The support package includes support for crisis accommodation for at risk international student, as well as advice on medical, legal and mental health issues that can be accessed to through a 24-hour hotline. A dedicated 24-hotline hotline is now available for students to discuss these issues, providing much needed alleviation from these pressures for many independent tertiary education providers, as they seek to ensure their students have access to the best possible support. 

In addition, independent providers in NSW will benefit through the improved capacity to make sure their most at risk students have access to crisis accommodation that this package provids as it’s the independent sector that most often does not have access to additional capacity in the purpose built student accommodation network.

For more information on how to access support, please visit the New South Wales Government website: 

New South Wales Government Support —

ITECA members have been advocating for measures of this kind that deliver essential services support and provision to international students at the most critical of times. Many international students are feeling significant pressures related to employment, accommodation, health, legal and other issues due to the Covid-19 response and are experiencing difficulty continuing to fully support themselves. 

As part of its broader engagement with stakeholders on this matter the ITECA Chief Executive, Troy Williams, serves on the Australian Government – International Education Global Reputation Taskforce.  This ensures that the Australian Government is aware of the issues before independent providers and international students in the higher education, vocational education, training and skills sectors.

ITECA’s ability to effectively represent independent providers in the higher education sector is made possible thanks to the members that make a substantial investment in time and money to support ITECA’s work.

Member Engagement —

ITECA’s ability to play a lead role in matters associated with this issue rests on the advice and guidance of individuals serving on the ITECA NSW State Committee.

Further Information —

For more information on this issue please send an email to nsw@iteca.edu.au or telephone 1300 421 017.  Stay up to date via Twitter @ITECAust or via Facebook at www.facebook.com/ITECAust.

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