As the nation recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic, the focus of government is on a skills-based economic recovery. The 2021 VET Business Summit –Gold Coast is all about empowering your business with the knowledge to position your business at the centre of this activity.

At the 2021 VET Business Summit – Gold Coast you’ll hear from leaders across government and business about the opportunities for independent Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). Some exciting presentations include how to access Queensland Government funding and also the VET Student Loans program to support students. You’ll also hear from business leaders about their future skills needs and even a regulatory update.

For more information on what's sure to be a highly informative program – and there's more to follow – click on the presentation headings below.

Program Highlights
2021 ITECA Business Summit – Gold Coast

    The Australian Government has a significant reform agenda canvassing improvements to funding models, a more accountable regulatory framework and also delivering quality information for students.  You'll hear how these tie together and the Australian Government's commitment to achieve lasting reform. [Video Message]

    Presentation synopsis:
    As the state emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic, the Queensland Government is making a major investment in skills. You’ll hear from the responsible Minister about the size of this investment and the opportunities that exist for independent RTOs to play a lead role in delivering skills for job seekers and school leavers.

    Knowledge you'll gain:
    ◾ The size of the financial commitment in skills made by the Queensland Government.
    ◾ The types of programs being delivered and how they play a role in supporting the economic recovery.
    ◾ The Queensland Government's commitment to a contestable market for skills.

    Presentation synopsis:
    Reform of vocational education and training regulation and funding will be crucial to achieving a skills-based economic recovery. Hear from a leading proponent of reform about what’s been achieved and why the views of independent RTOs are critical to driving positive change not only across Queensland, but also across the nation.

    Knowledge you'll gain:
    ◾ How the Australian Government has acted on the ITECA membership's call for reform.
    ◾ The current progress on improving vocational education and training funding models.
    ◾ What the year ahead holds and how ITECA members can get involved to drive change.

    Presentation synopsis:
    Hear from a pioneer that’s transforming healthcare education using using immersive learning technologies. If virtual reality and augmented reality can be adapted to healthcare teaching, what other disciplines is it suited to?

    Knowledge you'll gain:
    ◾ How virtual reality and immersive technologies can aid the learning experience.
    ◾ The hardware and software platforms that enable this learning experience.
    ◾ Insights how this emerging technology could be employed across your course offering.

    Presentation synopsis:
    The National Skills Commission (NSC) is currently assessing which qualifications the Australian Government will subsidise to support the economic recovery. Importantly, the NSC is working with ITECA and other stakeholders to determine the subsidy amount. Find out how this work is being undertaken and what it means for independent RTOs that access government funding to deliver quality outcomes for students.

    Knowledge you'll gain:
    ◾ What the practical outcomes of the NSC's work means for providers.
    ◾ How the NSC makes recommendations on the skills that will be subsidised.
    ◾ How the NSC makes recommendations on the level of subsidy for each qualification.

    Presentation synopsis:
    The VET Student Loans program assists eligible students pay tuition fees for approved higher-level (diploma and above) vocational education and training (VET) courses, when studying at VET Student Loans approved course providers. This is your chance to learn about how the loan amounts are set by the Australian Government and varied to meet the actual course of delivery. What’s exciting is advice on how to become a VET Student Loans approved provider.

    Knowledge you'll gain:
    ◾ The qualifications that a student can access a VET Student Loan to support their study.
    ◾ How additional qualifications are added to the approved list and how the loan amount is determined.
    ◾ How to become a new VET Student Loans approved provider.

    Presentation synopsis:
    The ‘Skills Assured’ program is both a funding program and a prequalification tool used by the Queensland Government to support delivery by independent RTOS of vocational education and training across the state. This informative presentation will review the achievements of the program. Importantly, if you’re an independent RTO looking to become a ‘Skills Assured’ accredited provider, you’ll hear from the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training on the opportunities.

    Knowledge you'll gain:
    ◾ Which qualifications are on the 'Skills Assured' list of subsidised courses and at what level.
    ◾ An overview of of current compliance requirements and any planned changes to these.
    ◾ The opportunity to become a new 'Skills Assured' approved provider.

    Presentation synopsis:
    The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) will spend the year playing close attention to delivery of VET In Schools programs and how RTOs transitioned to online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic, so come along to better understand the ramifications for your RTO. You’ll also get a better understanding of AQSA’s work to support your self-assurance capability, to critically examine and continuously improve practice for sustained compliance.

    Knowledge you'll gain:
    ◾ What ASQA's compliance focus on online delivery and VET In Schools means for providers.
    ◾ The future of ASQA's self-assurance project and the practical compliance outcomes for providers.                 

    Presentation synopsis:
    This presentation will provide an in-depth assessment of how Queensland's vocational education and training system depends on independent RTOs. You’ll find out the total number of students, how many are with independent RTOs and what are the major study disciplines. You’ll also see how {{}} government funding for students with independent RTOs compares against other states and territories.

    Knowledge you'll gain:
    ◾ The total number of RTOs and VET students in the state.
    ◾ The study disciplines experiencing the most growth.
    ◾ How {{state}} government funding for independent RTOs compares with other states.

The 2021 VET Business Summit – Gold Coast provides you will the opportunity to meet with other Chief Executives, Managing Directors and senior compliance staff from independent RTOs. It’s a unique networking opportunity unparalleled in the state.

 ◾ ITECA Members – $295pp (GST Incl.)
 ◾ Non-members – $495pp (GST Incl.)


This event is brought to you by the Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA), the peak body representing independent providers in the higher education, vocational education, training and skills sectors.

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