ITECA Membership

If you have a passion for supporting students and helping them experience the best that the independent tertiary education providers have to offer, membership is for you.

The decision to join the Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA) is a personal one. For some, it is an opportunity to meet with colleagues in order to share ideas and learn from their experiences. For others, the decision to join is a matter of allowing their organisation to have access to the latest data on student demand.

Sometimes, providers want to collaborate with members and be part of a team that has proven remarkably adept at shaping government policy, and knowledgeable about how legislation impacts the provision of tertiary education in Australia.

However, there is one thing that's common to all ITECA members, this is that they enjoy being part of a community that shares a commitment to delivering the quality outcomes that students and their employers are looking for.

Find Out About Your Involvement In A Growing Community —

The ITECA membership is made up of small family businesses through to large non-government universities. The great thing is that, as part of ITECA, they come together and set aside commercial interests to work towards common goals. That is what ITECA membership is all about.

Getting your organisation involved in ITECA takes many different forms. Often it is just reading about the latest industry news and sometimes it takes the form of attending the quarterly ITECA State Networking Functions. The best part is the time commitment isn't great.

We encourage you to take the next step and have your organisation join a growing community of businesses that share your goals and aspirations.

ITECA Membership Fees 2020-21 [PDF]

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