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The Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA) is recognised by leading media as a source of authoritative advice on matters concerning independent providers in the vocational education, higher education and training sectors. The following are some articles:

Date Article
04 Oct 2019 India, Nepal and Pakistan rated 'high risk' for universities [Australian Financial Review]
20 Sep 2019 Record fine for 'appalling' training system rort [Australian Financial Review]
11 Sep 2019 Intergration is the key to the future [The Australian]
8 Aug 2019 VET system letting us down, says Morrison [Australian Financial Review]
7 Aug 2019 Focus on ‘administrivia’ denied [The Australian]
5 Aug 2019 Regulatory agency targets VET risk areas [The Mandarin]
25 Jul 2019 Regulator denies ghost college claims [The Australian]
19 Jun 2019 Independents Seek Funding Clarity [The Australian]
23 May 2019 Private providers want single funding system for higher ed [Australian Financial Review]
6 May 2019 Private providers warn Labor against prioritising TAFE [Australian Financial Review]
16 Apr 2019 ACPET To adopt a new name [The Australian]
*Note ACPET Media Coverage Is Archived

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The ability of ITECA to accurately reflect the views of its members is directly attributed to the advice and guidance that ITECA staff receive from member organisations operating across the higher education, vocational education and training sectors.

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