ITECA Media Releases

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Date Media Release
19 Dec 2019 Independent Tertiary Education Body Gets An Independent Chair
12 Dec 2019 Focus On Life-long Learning In Alice Springs Education Declaration Welcomed
12 Dec 2019 VET Trainers & Assessors Gain A New Credential Through New College
11 Dec 2019 AQF & Higher Education Reforms Welcomed By Independent Providers
05 Dec 2019 Education & Skills Amalgam In Departmental Reorganisation Welcomed
25 Nov 2019 VET's Full Fee-Paying Students Left Unprotected By Proposed Reforms
22 Nov 2019 Australian Training Awards Showcase Independent Sector's Students
22 Nov 2019 Queensland's Free Apprenticeship Campaign Gets Providers' Tick
21 Nov 2019 Industry & Skills Committee Chair Appointment Welcomed
30 Oct 2019 ASQA Governance, Policies & Culture Review Welcomed
30 Oct 2019 Independent Higher Education's Role Continues To Grow
25 Oct 2019 Interim Skills Commissioner Has The Toughest Job In Australian Education
25 Oct 2019 AQF Reform A Step Towards A Coherent Tertiary Education System
16 Oct 2019 New Category for Independent Higher Education Providers
10 Oct 2019 ITECA Welcomes Australia's First National Careers Ambassador
1 Oct 2019 ASQA & TEQSA Cost Recovery To Increase Student Course Costs
27 Sep 2019 ASQA Chief Commissioner's Departure Signals Important New Director
26 Sep 2019 Australian Government Vocational Education & Training Committee Appointed
24 Sep 2019 COAG Skills Council Outcomes
16 Sep 2019 New Higher Education Student Loan Tax To Hit Students
11 Sep 2019 Time To Base Tertiary Education Funding On Performance
03 Sep 2019 Australia Get Its First University College
28 Aug 2019 71% Of VET Students In Independent Sector
27 Aug 2019 ITECA Welcomes Expert Panel To Advise On Vocational Training Reforms
13 Aug 2019 New Certification Scheme for Vocational Education & Training Professionals
9 Aug 2019 COAG Gets It Right With Focus On One Post-Secondary Education System
8 Aug 2019 VET Sector Reform – It’s independent providers that offer the best solution
1 Aug 2019 ASQA Parliamentary Criticism Echo Sectors Concerns
12 Jul 2019 ITECA – TAFE SA Partnership Heralds New Training Era In South Australia
16 Jun 2019 Time for a radical overall of the nation’s skills funding system
5 Jun 2019 Independent Providers Do The Heavy Lifting In Vocational Education
26 May 2019 Education & Skills Ministerial Appointments Welcomed by Independent Providers
23 May 2019 ITECA’s Formation Kicks‐starts The Debate on Tertiary Education Reform
18 Apr 2019 TEQSA Appointment Welcomed by Independent Tertiary Education Sector
15 Apr 2019 ITECA Vote to Transform Independent Tertiary Education Leadership
2 Apr 2019 VET Review Charts Direction to be Welcomed by Those Seeking Skills
2 Apr 2019 Budget Makes Investments to a Sustained Skilled Workforce
27 Mar 2019 VET Trainer & Assessor Credential Change Delay Welcomed
24 Feb 2019 Melbourne Declaration’s Renewal Should Focus on Life-Long Learning
15 Feb 2019 VET Funding Model Should Focus on Supporting Quality Outcomes
8 Feb 2019 TEQSA & ASQA Chiefs to Brief Independent Education Providers
7 Feb 2019 VET Funding Model Should Focus on Supporting Quality Outcomes
1 Feb 2019 ACPET’s New Chair Signals Policy Advocacy Focus