VET Sector – Policy Advocacy

Providing independent providers in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) with a voice in the national policy debate is a major focus of the Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA).  Our members set our agenda, fund our advocacy and directly benefit from the results.

ITECA is recognised by government as an authoritative source of policy advice given its strength in evidence-based advocacy.  The reforms championed by ITECA have been developed in concert with its members and include:

Key Policy Priority One ―

Policy settings that promote the complementarity of the public and independent sectors will provide a more complete range of training for students.  This needs to be maintained as a long-standing feature of Australia’s tertiary education landscape.

Key Policy Priority Two ―

Given the uncertain nature of future jobs, skills and market challenges, policy settings that promote a diverse, dynamic and responsive VET sector will be critical to meet labour market needs.

Key Policy Priority Three ―

Regulation of the VET sector needs to strike an appropriate balance between protecting the interests of students and not burdening providers with unnecessary red-tape.  Regulatory decisions concerning the registration of providers need to be made in a timely and efficient manner.

Key Policy Priority Four ―

Government funding for education, training and skills needs to be fully contestable where independent providers and the public TAFE sector compete equally, with funding awarded on the basis of being able to provide students with quality outcomes.

The advice and guidance of the ITECA Vocational Education and Training Network is critical to the task of achieving meaningful legislative reform.  The membership complements the work of ITECA’s policy team that’s based in Canberra and experienced in working with parliamentary and departmental stakeholders to negotiate changes that support the independent VET sector.

ITECA provides leadership, strategy, advocacy and support. Our members set our agenda, fund our activities and directly benefit from the results.

Further Information ―

To find out more about the involvement of the ITECA Vocational Education and Training Network and its advocacy to support the sector, follow us on Twitter at or Facebook at Alternatively, send an email to or telephone 1300 421 017.

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