VET Sector – Code of Ethics

As a condition of admission to, and continuing, membership of the Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA), all members must agree to abide by the ITECA Code of Ethics.

The ITECA Code of Ethics affirms the professional standards expected of education and training providers. Members are required to act with integrity in all dealings with students (past, present and future), employers, with ITECA, and with other organisations.

The primary purpose of the ITECA Code of Ethics is to define standards of conduct expected of members of ITECA in their dealings with one another; and with ITECA, in accordance with the ITECA Constitution and By-laws. It also provides students and clients with a clear statement of the standards which they can expect member organisations to adopt in their dealings with them, subject to equivalent provisions in any code or codes which the organisation has adopted to regulate dealings with its staff, students and other clients.

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The ITECA Code of Ethics also reflects the Code of conduct requirements of Commonwealth and State Government agencies for accrediting and registering organisations and courses under legislation which fund and/or regulate the provision of educational and training services for local and overseas students.

It is important to note that the ITECA Code of Ethics does not serve to regulate the commercial inaction of ITECA members between themselves nor does it serve as a commercial dispute handling process. Businesses with questions in this regard are invited to review their rights and obligations under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).

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