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The membership of the ITECA Vocational Education and Training Network play an important role in helping shape the policy advocacy priorities and programmes that support the sector.

ITECA’s strength can be found in employees from across the sector that are active within the organisation.  They provide the advice and guidance to the ITECA Board and staff about the issues facing the vocational education and training (VET) sector and this is used to help shape ITECA’s direction.

The ITECA national committees provide a forum for individuals who want to get in and make a difference:

ITECA VET Sector National Committees —

  • ITECA Vocational Education & Training Reference Committee
  • ITECA International Education Reference Group
  • ITECA Education Quality & Standards Reference Group

ITECA also provides a framework for its members to better understand changes to the commercial and regulatory environment through their participation in sector interest groups.  These provide members with timely information on changes to the environment in which they work plus the opportunity to meet with key external stakeholders.

ITECA Funded Providers Interest Groups —

ITECA Education Sector Interest Groups —

ITECA Industry Sector Interest Groups —

The ITECA Vocational Education and Training Network membership includes providers of all sizes across the VET sector including not-for-profit providers and for-profit companies.  They come together to share experiences and exchange ideas about the reforms to the policy and funding environment that will allow them to provide students and their employers with the policy outcomes they are looking for.

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