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The Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA) provides its members with timely and insightful updates on the issues facing independent providers in the vocational education and training sectors.  A selection of key articles circulated to members can be found below.

New Covid Skill Sets Funded in ACT

ITECA Capital Territory members are set to benefit from 3,800 new places available to deliver key skill sets under the new National Infection Control Training Fund. More


VET Overhaul Is The Way To Go

When the Prime Minister said vocational education and training funding requires a major change, it was a clear sign that ITECA’s advocacy is working. More


VET Funding Reform Call

State Premiers and Territory Chief Ministers are being called upon to make all funding in vocational education and training fully contestable. More


VSL Provider Levy Discussion

A new levy is about to be whacked on independent provides that support students accessing VET Student Loans. What does it mean for quality RTOs? More


Pilot Training Group Aloft

Providers of aviation pilot training are now better equipped to drive changes to regulations and standards with the formation of a new interest group. More


WA Reviews Skills & Training

ITECA members will highlight the quality outcomes delivered by independent RTOs in the Western Australian Government’s review of skills and training. More


RTOs Hit Hard By Covid-19 Crisis

An assessment of enrolment levels within independent RTOs shows that around one-in-three have had fall in face-to-face enrolments greater than 70%. More


WA Regional Economic Grants

Independent tertiary education providers will have access to regional economic development grants made available by the West Australian Government. More


NSW International Student Support

International students at independent providers will benefit from support from the NSW Government as they struggle through the Covid-19 crisis. More


VIC Skills First Program Discussed

Changes to the Victorian Government Skills First program were set out by departmental staff at a meeting of ITECA Victoria members. More

A key member benefit, and the reason many provider across the tertiary education sector join, is the information that’s provided by ITECA.  From changes to the regulatory environment through to the latest data on student enrolments, ITECA provides members with timely updates.

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