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The ITECA Vocational Education and Training Network is made-up of independent providers in the sector that share a commitment to providing students and their employers with the quality outcomes they are looking for.

Membership is open to providers in the independent VET sector that have met the regulatory standards set by government, are able to demonstrate financial sustainability and have Directors and management that meet a ‘fit and proper’ person test.

Membership of the ITECA Vocational Education and Training Network offers numerous benefits that include:

ITECA Membership Benefits ―

  • The opportunity to contribute to the policy debate
  • Free access to the latest market research and industry statistics
  • Discounts to a range of training courses and industry skills programs
  • The chance to drive the direction of the sector through the national committees
  • An unparalleled opportunity to build sector-specific knowledge through the special interest groups
  • Your chance to strengthen a network of like-minded individuals by attending ITECA State Branch Briefings

ITECA works to ensure that quality providers in the VET Sector can succeed. It’s the sole reason the association was formed in 1992 and all of our activities are directed towards this task.

ITECA Membership Downloads ―

The application process is clearly set out in the ITECA Constitution and bylaws and has been developed in the context of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) and other statutory obligations under which ITECA operates.

These documents can be found under the Governance Framework section on this page.

Further Information ―

To find out more about getting involved in the ITECA Vocational Education and Training Network, follow us on Twitter at or Facebook at Alternatively, send an email to or telephone 1300 421 017.


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