VET Sector – Professional Development

Providers across the vocational education and training system have the opportunity to enhance their ability to deliver quality through the professional development programs offered by the Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA).

ITEC19 Independent Tertiary Education Conference

Understanding what’s shaping the future of Australia’s independent tertiary education system is the major focus of the ITEC19 Independent Tertiary Education Conference to be held over 21-23 August 2019 on the Gold Coast. [Read more]

ITECA Vocational Education & Training Summit

The nation’s foremost gathering of trainers, assessors and managers from across the independent vocational education and training sector is the ITECA Vocational Education and Training Summit.  It will be held on 7 February 2019 in Sydney.

Additionally, ITECA provides affordable and professional development that’s accessible nation-wide through a series of online webinars.  Presented by experts across the independent tertiary education system these webinars help build your knowledge of the contemporary issues facing quality providers:

ITECA Introduction Webinar Series ―

28 May 2019 Designing online assessments for Higher Education students
3 Jun 2019 Staying current as an Industry VET trainer
18 Jun 2019 How QILT surveys can be used to inform and improve future practice
18 Jul 2019 Assistive technology and other support for deaf and hard of hearing learners
23 Jul 2019 Training and Assessment providers - what to look for when selecting resources and providers
24 Jul 2019 Finding yourself as a presenter - tapping into your personality to build engagement with learners
26 Jul 2019 Using social media to promote and build your RTO
6 Aug 2019 Providing effective feedback for students
14 Aug 2019 Marketing analytics - How to measure some of the key sales and marketing metrics for conversion and awareness building
28 Aug 2019 Advanced PowerPoint skills to build learner commitment and attention
23 Sep 2019 Being the best RTO: it doesn’t happen just by accident
26 Nov 2019 Simple Assessment Design (SAD) - when SAD makes you happy

ITECA Essential Webinar Series ―

25 Jun 2019 What capabilities do I need to become a great online trainer?

ITECA Masterclass Webinar Series ―

5 Jun 2019 Strategies for increasing student attendance and participation

Staying current with new developments in your industry is invaluable.  From new regulations to training and assessment techniques and methodologies, it’s important to stay abreast of the newest information.

Further Information ―

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