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The Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA) provides its members with timely and insightful updates on the issues facing independent providers in the higher education, vocational education and training sectors.  A selection of key articles circulated to members can be found below.
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TEQSA has commenced Federal Court proceedings to block access to a website supporting online cheating by Australian students. More

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ITECA discussed a range of higher education reforms including cost recovery and academic integrity when meeting with the TEQSA leadership. More

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Funding for 5,000 new short courses and TEQSA fee relief are included in the higher education measures within the 2021 Australian Government budget. More

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TEQSA’s proposed approach for transitioning to the full cost recovery arrangements has been set out and ITECA members are providing feedback. More

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Following strong advocacy by ITECA, the suspension of the student loan tax on FEE-HELP loans has been extended to 31 December 2021. More

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The Australian Government has announced funding for an additional 5,000 higher education short courses to be offered by independent providers. More

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ITECA had argued that the 2021 Australian Government Budget should extend the TEQSA fee waiver, and this is exactly what’s happened. More

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The higher education regulator has set about the task of appointing a new Commissioner responsible for strategy, regulatory decisions and compliance. More

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The higher education regulator has released its compliance report that outlines its compliance activities and the focus for the coming year. More


Independent providers across the tertiary education sector are collaborating to set the sector’s manifesto for the next federal election. More

A key member benefit, and the reason many provider across the higher education sector join, is the information that’s provided by ITECA.  From changes to the regulatory environment through to the latest data on student enrolments, ITECA provides members with timely updates.

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