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The Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA) provides its members with timely and insightful updates on the issues facing independent providers in the higher education, vocational education and training sectors.  A selection of key articles circulated to members can be found below.

Student Loan Tax Elimination Call

The advocacy to end the student loan tax continues, with calls to extend its suspension to 30 June 2021 allied with lobbying to abolish it entirely. More


A Cohesive Tertiary Education System

Calls to better integrate the higher education sector with the vocational training sector have been made as the Productivity Commission reviews funding. More


International Student Return Options

Arrangements that allow international students to return to Australia to take-up their university studies won’t work for independent providers. More


HE Loan Tax Reduction Welcomed

The higher education Student Loan Tax levied on students studying with many independent providers is being reduced. More


TEQSA Integrity Unit Established

A TEQSA integrity unit will be created to protect the interests of students and the reputation of Australia’s higher education sector. More


HE Loan Tax Temporary Suspension

The higher education student loan tax will be suspended for six months thanks to legislation introduced into the Australian Parliament. More


Higher Education Student Identifiers

The extension of Unique Student Identifiers to the higher education sector is the major topic for discussion when leaders from across the sector meet in June 2020. More


Cheating Bill In Parliament

Legislation currently being considered by the parliament introduces deterrents to third party academic cheating services in higher education. More


TEQSA Commissioner Appointed

The appointment of Emeritus Prof. Peter Coaldrake AO as a TEQSA Commissioner brings a wealth of experience to the higher education sector’s regulator. More


TEQSA Regulated Provider Forum

Independent higher education providers regulated by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) have access to a new support network. More

A key member benefit, and the reason many provider across the higher education sector join, is the information that’s provided by ITECA.  From changes to the regulatory environment through to the latest data on student enrolments, ITECA provides members with timely updates.

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