The annual ITECA Higher Education Roundtable >brings together the nation’s leaders in the independent higher education sector.  The will come together to discuss the how to stengthen the strong internationally-renown reputation for quality.

This event is your opportunity to meet leaders from across the independent higher education sector and chart the future course of the sector's reputation.


The Topics ― 
2021 ITECA Higher Education Roundtable


◾ The data that showcase the excellent performance of independent higher education.
◾ The perceptions of independent higher education among students and employers.
◾ Strengthening engagement with professional bodies and employer organisations. 

If your organisation is an established independent higher education provider with an established reputation for quality, the application process is straight-forward.


Who Should Attend ― 
2021 ITECA Higher Education Roundtable


◾ Chief Executives and proprietors of independent higher education providers.
◾ Deans and others responsible for industry-relevant education.
◾ Marketing and communications specialists within independent higher education providers.

The 2020 ITECA Higher Education Roundtable promises to be an event that will not only give you timely insights from those helping shape the sector, it will also provide you with high-level networking opportunities. 

If you’re interested in the sponsorship opportunities associated with the ITECA Higher Education Roundtable please contact the ITECA events team.

Further Information ―

The ITECA membership team would value the opportunity to get you involved, so if you have any questions send an email to [email protected] or telephone 1300 421 017.  Be sure to follow ITECA on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  

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