CEM Credential – Fees and executive benefits

C E R T I F I E D . . .E D U C A T I O N . . .M A N A G E R

There are a range of fees and benefits associated with induction as a Certified Education Manager (CEM) and the following guidance is sure to help.

CEM Fees —
ITECA College Of Vocational Education & Training Professionals

  .. Application fee $85 GST Excl....[Note 2]
Certified Education Manager (CEM) – Annual fee ITECA Member Employees
$225 GST Excl....[Note 1]


Certified Education Manager (MEP) – Annual fee

Unaffiliated Employees

$275 GST Excl....[Note 2]


It is important to note that for most individuals these fees are tax-deductible from the income earned through their employment an an executive  with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO); however, you are encouraged to seek expert guidance on your tax affairs.

CEM Benefits —
ITECA College Of Vocational Education & Training Professionals

  .. CEM Post nominal entitlement
CEM Lapel pin
CEM Membership certificate
    ◾  CEM Exclusive Breakfast – At the annual conference

CEP & CEP Linkedin exclusive group memberships

The discounted fees associated with "ITECA Member Employees" are accessible to part-time or full-time employees of ITECA Corporate / Associate members that have renewed their membership by the due date (Note 1).  The "Unaffiliated Employee" fees apply to all other individuals (Note 2).

Please note that  benefits to ITECA Corporate / Affiliate members such as participation in interest groups, ITECA eUpdates and discounts to events are not available to Collage members if they are not affiliated with an ITECA Corporate / Affiliate member.

CEM Certified Education Manager – A credential that recognises your commitment to executive excellence.

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