CEP Credential – Inductees' professional profiles

C E R T I F I E D . .E D U C A T I O N . .P R O F E S S I O N A L

As a Certified Education Professional (CEP) you'll be join a growing community of professionals that share your commitment to excellence in training and assessment.

The ITECA College of Vocational Education and Training Professionals is please to congratulate the following individuals who stand above their peers as a direct result of their College admission.


A.l.e.x...G.a.r.d.n.e.r...C E P
Senior Trainer & Assessor — ECA College

With a focus on supporting post-graduate management students in New South Wales, Alec’s passion is passing-on his knowledge and experience to help a new generation grow and develop.

For Alec, excellence can be found in aligning what ECE College delivers to the needs of both the industry and their students. When this happens, he’s confident that ECA College is truly are providing an excellent education to meet the needs of Australia in an ever changing world.

His study and research skills are of great value to his other passion, genealogy. Having traced his family back forty generations he’s interested in their stories and hear their tales of battles and of their deaths.

M.i.h.a.e.l.a....E.l...A.z.z.i...C E P
Trainer & Assessor — Base Training

The approach that Mihaela takes to teaching adults is based on meeting their individual needs and inspiring them to learn and to reach their career goals.  She likes all aspects of training, but the most rewarding part is to see her students succeeding in their professions and to be part of their transformational change, as a result of their studies, industry placement and learning provided.

Excellence in the sector can be found, according to Mihaela, in role models, trainers should demonstrate high level of knowledge and skills and the ability to adapt their teaching, training and assessment methods to meet the contemporary standards.

Allied to Mihaela's in delivering training in early childhood education is her interest in child protection along with animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

The CEP credential is the marker of a committed vocational education and training professional who has demonstrated the wide range of knowledge essential to achieve excellence in the vocational education and training sector.

CEP Certified Education Professional – A credential that recognises your commitment to excellence..

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