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Independent providers across the higher education, vocational education, training and English language sectors enjoy a reputation for leadership and excellence in the provision of international education. The Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA) empowers these providers with information through the ITECA International Education Interest Group.

As a member of the ITECA International Education Interest Group your team will be empowered with the latest information on issues affecting the international education sector.


Member Engagement ― 
ITECA International Education Interest Group


◾ Receive the latest data on international student recruitment data.
◾ Be briefed on the changes to international student visa changes.
◾ Hear directly from senior Australian Government departmental staff on regulatory changes.
◾ Receive news of Austrade measures that support international education providers.
◾ Get updates on the return of international students in the Covid-19 environment.

A unique opportunity is the chance to hear directly from key Australian Government stakeholders including the Department of Home Affairs and the Department of Education, Skills and Employment plus AusTrade.  Getting involved is simple, all that's required is to be an ITECA member and to complete the form below.


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ITECA Member Engagement


◾ ITECA National & State Interest Group Application Form [PDF]   

The ITECA membership is a growing community of united, informed and influential independent tertiary education providers operating in the international education sector.  You'll build your network of individuals who who share your aspiration for excellence in delivery of international education as a member of the ITECA International Education Interest Group

ITECA Membership – It's a great time to get involved. 

Getting Involved ―

ITECA provides leadership, strategy, advocacy and support. Our members set our agenda, fund our activities and directly benefit from the results.  Participation in the ITECA International Education Interest Group is open to any employee of an ITECA member, so if your organisation isn't a member, join today.

Further Information ―

To find out more about getting involved in the ITECA International Education Interest Group send an email to or telephone 1300 421 017.  Keep up to date via Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.


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