ITECA Membership – An investment in your team

The Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA) is a growing community of independent Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) that share a commitment to providing students and their employers with the quality outcomes they are looking for.

ITECA membership is an investment in your team.  It empowers them with the information to make informed business decisions and the influence to drive reform.

The great thing is that ITECA membership offers you the ability to understand the business of running an independent RTO, no matter how much time you have. Whether you simply want to read updates or work alongside others that share your passion for delivering quality outcomes, participation in the many ITECA interest groups and meetings will prove to be a valuable business development tool.


Getting Involved ― 
Empowering Your Business With Exclusive Briefings


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.As an ITECA member, your organisation and its team have access to a range of benefits that are designed to empower your business through the provision of timely information, the ability to meet senior leaders across business and government.  You'll also get access to tools that will promote your organisation's commitment to excellence.


Getting Involved ― 
Understanding The Business Of Independent Higher Education


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If you're an independent RTO with an established reputation for quality, it's easy to take the next step in supporting the growth of your business and the empowerment of your team by becoming an ITECA member.

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Once your application is approved, you’ll get a welcome pack that includes a certificate, an exclusive logo, your lapel pin, and an invitation to get your team involved in ITECA Interest Groups.

Further Information ―

The ITECA membership team would value the opportunity to get you involved, so if you have any questions send an email to [email protected] or telephone 1300 421 017.  Be sure to follow ITECA on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  

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